Scott Brinser’s processes and analysis really set the foundation for our record growth over the last several years. He created our reporting systems and put in place a monthly discipline that gave us consistent insights into the ‘how and why’ of our customer base, and enabled us to track progress as we penetrated new markets. 

He constructed a realistic annual budget that allowed us to manage our growth and make good decisions that kept us profitable while managing risk and cash flow. These insights had a profound impact on our profitability. 

Finally, Scott built a project-level reporting structure that for the first time gave us a look into where we were making money and where we weren’t. It was invaluable as we set priorities and allocated finite resources in a fast growth time. 

Eric Dean, CEO and Owner, Whereoware 

Like most small businesses, we tried to manage our own books. Scott Brinser came to our rescue, rolled back and cleaned up two years’ worth of financials, created a budget, and helped us understand our cash flow projections. It gave us the much-needed insight into the big picture that helps us grow our business. 

Kristine Jacobson, Owner, Conveyance Marketing Group